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Gregory Garrett

VP Cybersecurity, Peraton

Eddy Zervigon

CEO, Quantum Xchange


Future-Proofing Federal Data & Communications Networks

How government agencies and partners can easily meet quantum-resistant mandates outlined in NSM-8 and NSM-10

Migrating legacy encryption to NIST-backed PQCs to protect federal networks from harvesting attacks now, and quantum attack later, will require a large-scale shift for federal agencies, their partners, and the commercial sector soon to follow.

In the on-demand webinar, "Future-Proofing Federal Data & Communications Networks from Advanced Threats," Eddy Zervigon, CEO of Quantum Xchange and Gregory Garrett of Peraton discuss:

  • Recent NSM-8 and NSM-10 quantum-resistant mandates from the Biden Administration
  • How these new compliance and performance mandates will impact federal agencies and their partners
  • Planning considerations to ease the migration to post-quantum algorithms

Now is the time to take preventative action and #BeQuantumSafe. Watch the informative webinar today!

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