Quantum Xchange Provides a Quantum-Proof Cryptography Solution

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Preparing for a new world of cryptography

The quantum computing advances made over the past couple of years have lead to the pronouncement of "Q-day" — the day a quantum computer will be able to break any current encryption in seconds.

The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) is working on an algorithmic approach to developing the next generation of encryption, but that is likely not expected until at least 2023.

The post-quantum computer challenge is to find a solution that a quantum computer cannot decrypt. Fears exist that an actor with access to a powerful quantum computer could render current encryption obsolete.

The Ovum Report, "On the Radar: Quantum Xchange provides a quantum-proof cryptography solution," shares how Quantum Xchange:

  • Provides a secure way to protect data in a post-quantum computer era
  • Uses trusted nodes to extend the range of a dark fiber network so that it can transmit a photon over 100km
  • Plans to launch its services in New York in 2018 and extend it in key geographic locations

Download the report now to gain the Ovum view on why enterprises should look into the Quantum Xchange solution to provide unbreakable encryption against quantum computing.